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SnowEx SP-1675 Bulk Pro Tailgate Spreader Precision Pro 5 Cu.Ft. Center Discharge

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SnowEx SP-1675 Bulk Pro Tailgate Spreader Precision Pro 5 Cu.Ft. Center Discharge

Not all sidewalks are created equal. And neither are spreaders. If your sidewalks aren’t consistent in width, consider the SP-1675 salt spreader. Unlike anything else out there, it has a highly precise spread pattern ranging from 4 to 12 feet wide. Now you can adjust on the fly to anything sidewalks throw your way.

  • Volumetric Feeding System - To achieve the ideal spread pattern, material should be delivered directly to the center of the spinner. The constant volumetric feeding system on the SP-1675 does exactly that with unmatched consistency.
  • Adjustable Spinner - You can adjust the angle of the spinner cups to modify the spread pattern exactly as you wish. The assembly is constructed of stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Inverted "V" - The patented inverted “V” baffle allows a consistent flow of materials to the material feed system.
  • Fitted Lid The fitted lid provides a convenient solution to protect material from moisture.
  • Top Screen - Keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper with the provided top screen.

Amazon ASIN B07C33Y1MW
Engine Brand N/A
Engine Power N/A
Engine Type N/A
Hopper Size 5 cu ft
Material Compatibility Bagged & Bulk Ice Melt,Calcium Pellets,Calcium Flakes,Sand/Salt Mix
Spread Width 12'
Spread Type Broadcast
Starter Type N/A
Vendor Part Number SP-1675

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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