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PETZL M39ATL Sm'D H-Frame Carabiner w- Tethering Hole - Triact-Lock - Yellow

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PETZL M39ATL Sm'D H-Frame Carabiner w/ Tethering Hole - Triact-Lock - Yellow

Sm’D is a D-shaped locking carabiner that is lightweight and compact and can be used in numerous situations; it is easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves, and is available in three locking system versions.

  • Great versatility: - D shape is functional regardless of orientation, meeting multiple uses: attachment of a belay system, a pulley, or on the end of a lanyard... - compact and very lightweight
  • Good handling and ergonomics: - D shape for good handling - H-shaped cross-section contributes to better grip when wearing gloves - Keylock system, to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner - hole allows a TIBLOC or a MICRO TRAXION to be connected to the carabiner with a cord, making these devices loss-proof
  • Available in three locking systems, each for different situations: - SCREW-LOCK: easy-to-open system, locking or not, according to the needs of the user. The red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked. This system is suitable for harsh environments where contaminants (mud, ice) could cause an automatic locking system to jam - TWIST-LOCK: specific use when quick opening is key (e.g. at the end of a lanyard) and when connecting a GRIGRI to the harness - TRIACT-LOCK: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening

GTIN 3342540817494
Vendor Part Number M39A-TL

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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